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The material selection platform
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SpecialChem / Dr. Barbara Olioso – Apr 16, 2007

According to the Organic Market Report 2006 most of the consumers purchasing organic personal care products do it accidentally, but statistically it is very unlikely to have such an increase only by accident purchasing because we could expect random fluctuations year after year. A passionate about naturals would be excited to look at these figures, but in reality there is so much confusion on the interpretation of the natural concept in marketing terms and technical terms, that this big playfield has become a wild arena of different creatures, from pure breeds to hybrids. As we can see there are products with very catching natural looks but not so much natural content, other products with several natural ingredients combined with synthetic materials, up to the purest ones where usually organic certification is present. The number of varieties of natural products comes from the lack of an official scientific definition of what a natural cosmetic should and should not contain. What does natural really mean then? What do people feel or believe when they decide to buy natural or organic.

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