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The material selection platform
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Natural Preservative Alternatives - Part 2

SpecialChem / Nick Morante – Jan 12, 2007

As we continue through our list of natural preservatives, we come to some organic compounds that have anti-microbial activity. Again, these are used mostly in foods but are slowly finding their way into cosmetics. We list some and state their functions as they are currently used. These are meant as alternatives to the synthetic preservatives that formulators are so accustomed to using. Probable ingredient candidates with antimicrobial activity will fall into E200 and E300 of these groups. Moving further into the world of organic chemistry and functional molecules, we come across a wide variety of materials. Propionates are salts of propionic acid and are found in breads, baked goods, cheese and chocolate products to keep them fresh. It is effective against bread molds. Propionic acid occurs naturally in grains, apples, strawberries and cheese. Derivatives include sodium propionate, calcium propionate potassium propionate and myristyl propionate. It is an organic acid found in herbs, berries and roots. Its chemical name is benzene carboxylic acid.

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