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Nanotechnology in Cosmetics – Is it Still Around?

SpecialChem / Nick Morante – Nov 17, 2010

The subject of nanotechnology is continuously being discussed in all cosmetic circles. It is a very important subject that will ultimately determine the future of new cosmetic product development. But there are some inherent issued associated with nanotechnology and nanoparticles that are the basis of these constant discussions within the industry. So what exactly are the issues with nanoparticles that are to be considered for use in cosmetics and personal care products? Well there are a number of concerns. The biggest concern is that nanoparticles, which are any particles less than 100 nm in size, can penetrate the skin. With this there may be the possibility that some undesirable materials may get into the dermis maybe causing skin or even cell damage. So discussion and testing are ongoing and it has certainly been determined that there and many positives as well as negatives associated with nanotechnology mainly in the area of sunscreens, drug delivery and active ingredients. Some of these points will be discussed in more detail in this article.

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