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Namita Mediratta Interview: What Asian Consumers - Some Myths and a lot of Reality

SpecialChem – Sep 16, 2009

One of the most obvious ways is to tap into cultural "sweet spots" as marketing occasions. For example it's not uncommon in India to see a lot of chocolate multipacks in Diwali or Rakhi festivals, when traditionally people gift each other sweets. Or a lot of jewellery and cosmetics when it's an auspicious time to get married! It's often about adding a new twist to the traditional and integrating our products into pre-existing traditions. Ice cream-filled mooncakes during lantern festival in China come to mind... or date-flavoured ice cream during Ramadan in Indonesia - the principles are the same. One thing to remember though, is that it's not just about selling products - though it is of course a marketing occassion- it's about being a part of these cultural "happy moments".One of the other things we need to be aware of is be respectful to local traditions when we're putting a mix together. Trashing or belittling old customs in an effort to make way for the new is clearly not appreciated...

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