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Multiple Chemical Sensitivities: Fact or Fantasy?

SpecialChem / Lori Stryker – Sep 11, 2007

1. Symptoms repeat themselves and are similar with repeated exposures. 2. The condition is chronic. 3. Low levels of exposure trigger symptoms, which worsen ove r time 4. Symptoms can be reduced if triggers are eliminated from the immediate environment 5. Symptoms are triggered by multiple unrelated chemicals. What can reduce or alleviate the symptoms of MCS? Avoidance of chemical triggers (see list below) is key, along with exposure to fresh air as often as possible. The use of products at work and at home which do not contain synthetic petrochemicals. Sleeping adequately at night in addition to a nutritious diet and plenty of exercise will help as well. Odours are chemicals, even though they cannot be seen or even smelled. They are "physiologically active chemicals intended to affect human behaviour" (5), thus educating colleagues, family and friends is important in soliciting the co-operation of others in the reduction or elimination of unnecessary environmental chemicals that an MCS sufferer will be exposed to.

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