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Mineral Makeup - What's so Different?

SpecialChem / Nick Morante – Dec 27, 2006

Because I have an Advertisement on a Website that says I do formulating with expertise in color and decorative cosmetics, I have been approached by many people who wish to start their own product line. Many of them specifically want to develop a mineral makeup product line. I lost count of how many. I look on the Internet and there are quite a number of them. Some names are very prominent in the business but at the same time there are some that I've never heard of. I'm sure the one's wanting to get into the business has never considered the costs associated with starting up and launching a new product. There's the formulating costs (my fee), then there is product safety testing, packaging and labeling costs, production and manufacturing costs, advertising and marketing, and maybe some other incidentals such as product liability, etc. All it really takes is my fee alone to make them change their minds. We don't even get to all those other costs. I'm not writing this about costs to develop products. I'm writing this because so many people want to get into this business and the product they choose to get started in this business is Mineral Makeups and Foundations.

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