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Micro-capsulation: What’s on the Inside Counts…

Belinda Carli – May 17, 2017

Micro-capsules for cosmetic formulationsThe use of micro-capsules in products can be an advantage to your product for multiple reasons, the most obvious of which is visual appeal or what they contain.

Micro-capsules are designed to release their ingredients when either rubbed on the skin, or when dispensed through packaging components with a pump.

But how to select the right type of micro-capsule for a specific application, and what differs between the materials available?

Continue reading this article to know more about:

 » Benefits of using micro-capsules
 » Types of capsules available
 » Important notes on formulating and processing with micro-capsules
 » Selection Criteria for micro-capsules

6 Comments on "Micro-capsulation: What’s on the Inside Counts…"
Adeline C Aug 30, 2017
Thanks for this very clear article about microencapsulation. CREATHES designs and manufactures microcapsules for food/feed, agriculture, chemistry, cosmetics and medical devices. With adaptable microencapsulation platforms for each sector, CREATHES offers tailor-made solutions for R&D and manufacturing. Feel free to contact us at adeline.callet@creathes.com
Mandy S Jul 20, 2017
Thank you for the great article Belinda! Awareness of microencapsulation technology and it's capabilities are crucial for our industry to grow. Mandy Sakar Vantage Specialty Ingredients Mandy.Sakar@vantagegrp.com
Judith K Jul 19, 2017
Nice article! Promoting technology is always a good thing. Judith Krantz Tagra Biotechnologies, leaders in microencapsulation.
Roslyn H Jul 19, 2017
Great overview Belinda! Lambson are able to offer non-animal derived complex coacervates if certain ingredients, such as animal derivatives, need to be avoided for your product. Feel free to email me for more information at roslyn.holmes@lambson.com
Hélène P May 29, 2017
Hello, Thank you for this very clear explanation of the micro encapsulation landscape. Could you give me one or names of micro capsules using waxe as their internal components ? Many thanks
Pau Rocas A May 26, 2017
Interesting article. Thanks for sharing and growing the microencapsulation community. Don't hesitate to ask for your microcapsules sample at Ecopol Tech. We are experts on polymer science and encapsulation. Take a look! https://www.ulprospector.com/en/na/PersonalCare/Suppliers/33360/Ecopol-Tech

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