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Marine Ingredients in Cosmetics

SpecialChem / Imogen Matthews – Jun 9, 2010

Marine-based ingredients are a strong trend in cosmetic formulations with an increasing number of new product launches using ingredients derived from the sea. Mintel’s gnpd has seen algae extracts in skincare more than double since 2004. Mintel has also seen increases in cosmetic products formulated with sea water and sea creatures, such as marine collagen, astaxanthin, caviar and pearls.Phytomer is the leading marine-based cosmetics brand, which uses freeze-dried seawater {oligomer} in its skincare products. Copalis is a global supplier of marine based ingredients and has launched a new generation of sea peptides based on salt-loving plants. Sea beet peptide is used in skin whitening skincare. Sea fennel peptide has been developed as an anti-blemish ingredients. Sea lavender pepetide has a protective activity, making it ideal in anti-ageing and suncare formulations.For some years, marine-based ingredients have been a source of fascination for cosmetic companies. The current interest in marine ingredients is hardly surprising given the fact that three quarters of the Earth is covered in water, although it is only relatively recently that scientists have been able to harness rich marine life in cosmetic formulations...

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