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Makeup Color Matching by Cell Phone

SpecialChem / Nick Morante – Aug 23, 2007

I found another little neat article on the Internet. I wasn't really surprised at what it contained but I'm sure that our SpecialChem readers would be very intrigued at what it has to say. Hewlett-Packard Corporation is in the process of developing a new system of mobile color matching technology that promises to help consumers choose a foundation that perfectly matches their skin tone and offering the services of a mobile makeup advisor. Now while you may find this very exciting and almost beyond belief, my background in color measurement technology tells me that it was only a matter of time before a system like this came to fruition. The technology has always been there, it was just a matter of communicating it accurately and consistently, by eliminating the variables that exist when taking any photo, especially those of the face. This technology, which has been two years in development, relies on the ability of the cell phone to analyze and correct photos for possible discrepancies caused by variation in camera type and lighting quality.

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