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Make up and skin care: sophistication as a key development

SpecialChem / Sep 21, 2006

In the last "In Cosmetics" meetings in April, in Barcelona, MINTEL pointed out the "increasing number of products that offer the salon experience at home". This trend is tending to be pursued for the September return. It is an "increase in sophistication of the products" with more specific and "professional" packaging, presentation of new products, and new gestures with adapted formulations. For skin care, there is the race for the most efficient formulation with a wave of kit product presentation (association of complementary products sold in the same packaging), for home made applications with fast and easy use, producing a professional institute result. In the L'OREAL range, there is a micro-abrasion kit which is said to visibly reduce fine lines, smooth and refine skin texture, boosting the skin's radiance immediately. The pack contains a micro-dermabrasion resurfacing exfoliator and a post-treatment optimising moisturiser cream. Aluminium oxide micro-crystals are claimed to even the skin tone, leaving it soft. It is said to be made from a new patented formula which, for the first time, resurfaces and renovates skin at home.

Last month, Procter&Gamble launched a new "Regenerist Thermal Contour and Lift At-Home Treatment" under the OLAY brand. This is a pack of two products. The first one is a contouring thermal treatment that warms the skin and uses micro-definers to re-contour and shape the skin at a cellular level. The second product is a lifting complex treatment, which deeply moisturizes the skin and encourages the natural production of collagen, strengthening the skin's structure.

To pursue this concept of new generation warming (self-heating) products, in Asia, Grafton Pharmasia Group proposes a new gesture under the shower. Sold since August, "Bust Self heating Mask" from the Activa Blossom range is a self-heating mask home-spa treatment for the bust for use in the shower. It has a formula which is said to react with water immediately to give a 'sauna' heating sensation and boost the bust contour, beautifying the delicate area to give silky soft skin within 30 seconds.

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