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Latest innovations in applicators

SpecialChem / Karen Young – Aug 11, 2010

There is an increasing synergy between personal care formulations and their packaging.Whether it’s fragile ingredients that need special handling or the consumer demanding innovation,marketers are looking more and more to the packaging and delivery systems to differentiate their product offering.While some of these application devices may seem gimmicky, it shows a willingness by the consumer to try a new “gesture.” That willingness opens the door for many new techniques, breaking rules formerly consider sacred.That is great news for marketers and packaging companies.In the past two years, much of the innovation in Personal Care has come from packaging. Suppliers have developed novel approaches to dispensing and applying beauty products. I'll highlight and review what I have found particularly clever and unique.This has been a huge trend, covering color cosmetics, skincare and fragrance. Almost every major company has an entry here...

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