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Key Beauty Trends from Asia

Imogen Matthews – Jul 8, 2019

Asian Beauty Trends Asia is the place beauty marketers turn to in order to discover the world’s most innovative formulations, packaging and product formats.

First, South Korea blazed a trail with out-there concepts, such as:

 − BB/CC creams
 − Sheet masks, and
 − Cushion formats

These concepts have been readily taken up by western brands and become staples of consumer skincare regimes worldwide.

Now, attention is turning to the rest of the region in search of the newest and most technologically advanced beauty trends. Let’s learn about trends like skip care, halal beauty & more in detail…

K-beauty Moves to Minimalism

K-Beauty is the beating heart of the innovation that describes South Korea’s obsession with beauty in all its forms. It has helped change the beauty routines of global consumers, paving the way for multi-step skincare and make-up routines. Although the 10-step Korean skincare regimen became a thing a couple of years ago, the tide seems to be turning.

Nicole Fall, Head of trends, Asian Consumer Intelligence Pte Ltd, contends that many consumers simply do not have the resources or time, to spend between 20 to 45 minutes a day going through numerous steps, unless they have personally seen results. “Consumers want to experience tangible proof that either a product or routine has evidence it works, otherwise they won’t bother with it.”

“South Korea’s younger generation has started to resonate with the minimalism trend and is rejecting unnecessary waste,” observes Lee Hwa Jun, Senior Beauty and Personal care analyst, Mintel. “They often feel content with buying only the essentials. They are looking towards living a simple lifestyle.”
Foundation and Sunscreen Sticks
Jun has also noted the term “skip care” (which means skipping steps in the skincare routine) as an emerging trend among younger consumers. “These consumers are looking to simplify their beauty routines with multi-purpose, all-in-one products. Some think that ‘skip care’ helps maintain healthy skin.” According to her, stick formats, such as sunscreen sticks and foundation sticks are proving popular in South Korea for their convenience.

Some examples from Mintel include:

 − Chosungah’s Superfit Power Proof Cover Stick
 − Missha Cicadin Centella Water Sunscreen Stick SPF50+

A further example indicative of the move to minimalism is single ingredient formulations, such as Hanyui’s Artemisia Soothing Essence, that targets dry, irritated skin with pure Artemisia from Ganghwa island in South Korea.

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