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The material selection platform
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Keeping Skin Bright and Young Looking with Color Cosmetics

SpecialChem / Nick Morante – Oct 10, 2007

Makeup and other decorative color cosmetic products with ingredients that can add illumination to the skin will help keep the skin bright and younger looking. Skin radiance and that bright glow can be obtained by adding special ingredients to makeup products in the same way they are added to treatment and skin care products. But more and more makeup products are being formulated to include these ingredients than at any time in the history of cosmetics. That is why the skin of healthy young people is naturally luminous, smooth and feels elegant. There is an old saying which goes "as smooth as a baby's behind." Skin is made up of collagen fibers that provide a uniform even texture that helps support the skin and give it cushion, strength and elasticity. Young skin has collagen that is evenly spaced and aligned so that it gives the skin radiance and that smooth "young" look. As the skin ages, either from moving on in years or from environmental conditions, this collagen matrix tends to come apart so to speak.

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