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Ingredient Launches Compared to 5 Years Ago

SpecialChem / Oct 1, 2012

"Compared to 5 years ago, what has been the trend seen for ingredient launches?" should be a simple question to respond to for the SpecialChem Community. This question posed to the Community should also be pretty straight forward. The responses are simple, almost like yes, no, and maybe. So here we go: Compared to five years ago...There are many MORE attractive ingredients being introduced, or There are significantly FEWER attractive ingredients being introduced, or There are just the same old, same old - no more, no less - six of one, half dozen of another - nothing gained, nothing lost or there's just a lot of me too's out there. There's not much to elaborate on so let's just see how over 177 members (a somewhat large response I'm happy to say) of the SpecialChem Community responded to this question.

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