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in-cosmetics Global 2019 - Interesting Trends & Launches

Belinda Carli – Apr 4, 2019

Innovation Zone at in-cosmetics Paris 2019The in-cosmetics Global exhibition occurs every April in a European major city – and it is one of the most anticipated cosmetic material events. It is a great honor to be a part of the judging panel for the Innovation Zone entries, where we see the latest and greatest innovations launched.

It also gives incredible insight into the trends of personal care products that we’ll see over the coming 12-18 months as these ingredients get turned into the products of the future.

Here are the trends and innovations revealed at this year’s show in Paris…

Roses are Blooming

The color red has always been synonymous with power and gaining attention, and it’s a trending feature of personal care products. Not only have we seen an increase in ‘red’ packaging and marketing in finished products, as well as ‘rose’ based product launches, we’re also seeing an increase in highly active rose-based materials. Launched at this years’ show were:

     − Rosaliss™ biofunctional (Ashland): Using a novel extraction method of rose RNA this active boost skin self-renewal and microbiome protection
     − ROSALITY™ (IFF Lucas Meyer): A proprietary preparation of rose water and rose essential oil, it helps regulate skin cell metabolism affected by stress to boost skin luminosity and reduce dark circles within 7 days
     − VITA ROSALIENCE (Vitalab): An innovative embryonic culture of Rosa Rugosa which increases skin firmness and elasticity to effectively reduce wrinkles

Return to the Ocean

Marine and Algae-based Extracts Marine and algae-based extracts have been popular for a few years now, and the trend is set to continue! Interesting launches this year from marine sources included:

     − Algaktiv GenoFix Day (Greenaltech SL): This very interesting plankton extract doesn’t only just protect from blue light damage, it actually uses blue light to boost cellular repair and reduce wrinkles
     − Borealg (Odycea): This seaweed (kelp) extract has clinically proven efficacy to regenerate, repair and reduce inflammation
     − Sirtalice™ (LipoTrue): A marine sourced bacillus ferment that gives an noticeable ‘V-Lift’ – the jawline lift that is another trend hot at this years’ show

Better Include Beta-carotene

There were 3 launches focusing on the benefits of beta-carotene and carotenoids at this year’s show, with great efficacy data on just how great this golden super food is! Launches included:

     − RADICARE® -GOLD (Rahn AG): A carotenoid rich source from algae providing UV and blue light protection as well as lowered oxidative stress, and increases in elasticity and hydration
     − Carotolino (Lipoid Kosmetik AG): This amazing material not only provides blue light protection, but also increases color in the skin to revive color and vibrancy to tired and dull-looking complexions
     − ScreenLight™ Block Whole Body Wellness (Lonza): a phytosterol and beta-carotene rich extract to provide blue light, UV and pollution protection; it also has clinical data proving its benefits to lighten dark spots and protect against photo-aging
Including Beta-carotene in Skin Care Products

 » Continue reading and explore more on interesting launches and trends seen at in-cosmetics Paris 2019! 

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