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In Japan, Anti-Aging means Whitening

SpecialChem / Yoshiko Kasuga – May 12, 2010

There is an old saying in Japan, "White Skin Covers Seven Flaws." White skin -translucent, luminous, flawless skin without dark spots or discoloration - has always been Japanese women's obsession. This whitening obsession also affects the Japanese anti-aging skin care segment. Although, in the Western world, signs of aging are wrinkled skin or sagging skin, in Japan, they are age-spots, skin pigmentation and discoloration. In order to cater this almost timeless passion, the Japanese cosmetic industry has been constantly developing and marketing "new and better" whitening products for ever-more rapid and visible results. Catering to the common understanding that Asian skin contains more melanin than a Caucasian's and thus darkens more easily when exposed to the sun (leaving signs of aging such as brown spots, freckles and discoloration), many new products emphasize anti-melanin, anti-pigmentation claims.Reflecting the escalating desire for "white skin," the whitening skincare market is expanding toward an all-ages and all-season direction.

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