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How to Formulate Fast Formulations

SpecialChem – Nov 20, 2018

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How to Create Fast FormulationThe ever-increasing consumer demands for unique benefits are forcing the personal care market to change the strategies according to consumer preferences.

The biggest barrier here is to get the product meeting all requirements to market as fast as possible. However, a typical development from a concept to launch takes a minimum of 9 months if everything goes right. This is not acceptable in a lot of cases especially when you are trying to keep up with the market trends.

So, how should you go about this? Here’s the plan:

Stable Bases – The Key to Fast Formulations

The aim of the fast formulation is to market fast with a high degree of confidence with just about any actives added. To achieve this, ‘fool-proof’ formulation principles are required.

You can cut your regular formulation development time using some of the extremely stable bases ensuring the shelf-life of your product for about 2-3 years. Also, it is important to run real-time accelerated stability tests on your base in adverse conditions with adverse actives before heading towards the market.

Searching for the tips on fast-formulation techniques?

Learn here, some of the valuable tips on fast formulation principles by Belinda Carli – Director, Institute of Personal Care Science and explore some advanced, tested bases with good stability regardless of most active additions.

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