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The material selection platform
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How New Beauty Claims are Developed

SpecialChem / Nick Morante – Jan 28, 2009

The growth of the personal care market has seen the expansion and growth of new claims being made for treatment and personal care products. These claims go far beyond anti-wrinkle or anti-aging. There are only some things you can do to make these claims before they just flood the market and claim to be the best. New claims have to be made and new products have to offer new and exciting benefits that the consumer can use to keep their skin healthy and vibrant. What was the best now has to be made even better. First off, I just read something that was printed back in 2007 that will introduce us to this topic very nicely. A new hot chocolate beverage sold in vending machines is a new and novel method of further expanding the growing market for drinkable and eatable beauty products. In Denmark, two companies, Eurogran and Chr. Hansen, combined their expertise to develop the beauty "product" called Le Royal ChocoDark. This product is extremely high in antioxidants which are associated with skin health and anti-aging.

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