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Halal Cosmetics – A New Horizon.

SpecialChem / Amanda Foxon-Hill – Aug 4, 2010

I remember reading all about the rise of the 'ethics' market after the 2009 European 'In Cosmetic' exhibition and thinking 'what is all that about' well, now I think I've found it! Halal cosmetics are the beauty editor's new best friend, cosmetic journals are touting this as the 'next niche market trend' and ingredient manufacturers are getting their paperwork in order. But what exactly is a Halal cosmetic and how big is this market anyway?While many of us are familiar with Halal foods and some of us have bought Halal cosmetic ingredients, only a few understand the intricacies of this emerging market. Halal cosmetics are not something that should be taken lightly or commoditised as what is or isn't Halal is only for divine interpretation and not for the profit of any quick footed salesperson! However, opportunities do exist in this young and exciting market as more and more Muslims wish to participate in the growing beauty industry without compromising their beliefs.Halal cosmetics matter because the skin is a permeable organ that can facilitate the delivery of substances across it. For a Muslim, it is important that anything that is ingested is pure and processed in accordance with divine law...

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