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Hair Shine, Hydration and Health

SpecialChem / Nancy Jeffries – Oct 21, 2013

Hair care has undergone a paradigm shift and consumers are reaping the benefits. The changes found in the newest hair care products are evident on shelves today; indicating that the needs of real customers tackling hair care challenges have come through loud and clear. In addition to the impact of heating and styling tools, as well as environmental aggressors, hair is intrinsically complex and varied. Like the skin care category, hair care is highly nuanced, and consumers face a variety of concerns, from dry, dull, and frizzy manes, to limp, lackluster, chemically treated and overworked hair. Innovative product solutions are increasingly addressing these needs, taking into consideration all ages and ethnicities, and offering functional approaches to such concerns as aging, loss of shine and resiliency, sun damage and dryness. The value of the global hair care market, which is an aggregation of shampoos, styling agents, 2-in-1 products, perms and relaxants, colorants, and salon hair care, according to Euromonitor International, is $74.8 billion. In the US, the hair care market topped $10.6 billion, with conditioners growing by 4% to reach $1.6 billion, and showing a similarly strong performance in hair loss treatments. Hair strengthening and hair health benefits were popular manufacturer claims which resonated with consumers, said Euromonitor, while naturally-derived oils and fruit extracts continued to be popular in formulations.

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