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Genetic Modification in the Cosmetics Industry

SpecialChem / Amanda Foxon-Hill – Mar 2, 2011

Where would the cosmetics industry be without vegetable oils? Among other things they form the backbone to our surfactants, emulsifiers and emollients, condition our hair and skin and help thicken and structure our emulsions. Globally demand for this key feedstock is growing as our population booms and cosmetic use becomes more widespread. With demand on the up and land at a premium I wanted to answers to two key questions - will the cosmetics industry jump on the GMO train and what is a GMO anyway? Genetically Modified Organisms are living species that have had their DNA engineered (or designed) artificially in order to attempt make them stronger, bigger, longer-lasting or hardier than their natural born brothers and sisters. This super DNA is often (but not always) sourced from unrelated species and this is where the term Frankenstein foods (or to give them their proper term transgenic organisms) comes in. This un-natural cross breeding is employed to help bring unique and useful characteristics to a plant species that wouldn't normally be possible through natural grafting or self-pollination

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