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Fragrance Trends and the Changing Market

SpecialChem / Nancy Jeffries – Nov 12, 2009

Amidst a softening of demand for celebrity scents and the incorporation of fragrance into everything from soaps and detergents to dishwashing liquids, the market has been undergoing a paradigm shift. While some say the decline in discretionary income has produced, among other things, a consumer resistance to larger size fragrance bottles, and a careful search for trial before purchase with smaller sizes and samples, others say the economic downturn is a wake-up call for re-evaluation. The shift has not only encouraged a new focus on developing innovative fragrance formats, from roller ball applicators, to sticks and solids, but it has also spurred a new reliance on common sense and re-centering, with scent creating its magic with innovative presentation and olfactive surprises. Honey, amber, tomato, cedar, bitter almond, tobacco, incense and musk - the scents abound. It is their composition, histories, and connections to consumers that continue to set them apart.According to Euromonitor International, products currently finding success are those that reach a wider age range, possess a potentially longer shelf life, and convey classicism, for example, Chanel No 5, Beautiful and Donna Karan's Cashmere Mist...

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