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The material selection platform
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Fragrance Innovation Brings Life to Category

SpecialChem / Nancy Jeffries – Feb 16, 2011

Fragrance innovation is the key to the current fragrance market. Consumers are no longer content to purchase a fragrance simply because it is new on counter. To support a lackluster fragrance market, manufacturers, marketers, and suppliers are engaging consumers with conceptual stories, as well as unique mediums in which to enjoy fragrance. From art galleries and concert halls to niche fragrances, designers, destination scents, and new delivery formats, concepts are increasingly imaginative and resonant for today’s market. New approaches to the category include a variety of novel formats, such as roll-ons, solid perfume pendants, body sprays and smaller sizes for travel and sampling, to invigorate the category. In addition, botanical scents and niche fragrances, like those from L’Artisan Parfumeur and Bond No. 9 provide further options. Fragrance is providing an enhancement to the exploration of the arts, offering an immersion in the experience of an exhibition or musical venue. It increasingly explores the realm of androgyny, and the bounty of nature’s storehouse, as suppliers plumb the depths of Amazonian jungles, marine life, and even gemstones, to reveal new wonders. David Yurman’s new Essence Collection of fragrances is based on translating the auras of such gems as tourmaline, peridot, and citrine. Fragrance moods may be met with an adventure in L’Artisan’s Traversee du Bosphore, the clarity of pureDKNY, the seductive Darkly Audacious, Rihanna’s rock ‘n roll Reb’l Fleur, or the iconic Hello Kitty in a solid perfume necklace. Suppliers have touched the pulse of the market with a personal fragrance stylist, offered by Givaudan in the form of iPerfumer, an electronic app offering tailored advice on fragrance selection; and there is all manner of fragrance creation, including Robertet’s Seed to Scent story, providing a traceable link from an ingredient’s source to its final composition. Add to this a plethora of participants in a global fragrance community that encompasses scholarly sources and interactive fragrance groups who review scent in the blogoshpere, and you have the changing face of fragrance today.

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