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The material selection platform
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Fragrance Beyond Perfumery

SpecialChem / Nancy Jeffries – Jul 5, 2010

There is a world of fragrance expression beyond brilliantly packaged fine fragrances at retail counters. Whether plugging into the youth market, collaborating with design, art or advertising, today's aesthetics and sensibilities impact the uses of scent. As an accompaniment to art, or becoming the art itself, expressionistic perfumery knows no bounds. Scenting, sourcing, micro-encapsulating in baubles or balloons, fragrance is coming forth in surprising new forms, functions and locations.Whether plugging into the youth market, capturing a love story, or becoming art itself, arbiters of today’s expressionistic perfumery know no bounds. There are new technologies that dispense scent in retail environments, theaters, museums and cultural institutions; scent-infused fabrics and plastics; temperature controlled scent activation; and a variety of scent-encapsulation vehicles, from solid perfumes and sprays, to micro-encapsulation in baubles and balloons.While fine fragrance, scented bath products, and scented household products continue to garner consumer attention, new areas of scent exploration abound...

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