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Formulating Sticks for Various Cosmetic Applications

SpecialChem / Nick Morante – Nov 8, 2007

The use of sticks for various cosmetic applications is a very important in delivering various product functions within this product segment. Sticks are just another variety of product which can be used as a tool that can be used to deliver specialty ingredients, actives, sunscreens and other OTC drugs and of course color. They are just vehicles to deliver these ingredients and only vary in their hardness and ability to properly dispense or deliver the desired amount of whatever ingredient they are designed to deliver. If one were to put an actual definition on what a stick, is it would have to be considered first and foremost a specific type of delivery system. Sticks are usually made of lipophilic materials - waxes and oils, with the proper balance of these waxes and oils used to provide a specific hardness and rigidity. These must also be sufficient elasticity to eliminate brittleness and breaking as a result of the stresses and strains that the consumer will subject the stick to.

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