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Faking It: Self Tanners Gaining Popularity

SpecialChem / Imogen Matthews – Jun 26, 2008

Self tanning products have been around for years, but unfortunately have gained a bad reputation for producing unconvincing results. Those who used earlier versions will remember the strong biscuity smell that they had to put up with whilst the formulation got to work, and the unpredictable streaky and orange hues that emerged after several hours. Modern self tanners have their work cut out convincing consumers that you can obtain a natural-looking tan. New progressive tanning products are moisturisers with a smaller amount of DHA , minimal smell and colour mastering for a discrete and buildable result. Their trump card is that sunbathing is harmful and requires constant topping up. And the latest self tanning formulations are easy to use, do not smell {much} and really do look like the real thing. "Despite this progress, consumers still have concerns about fake colour, stains and bad scent," points out Lancaster international marketing director Lancaster Sun, Sunlight Makeup and Fragrances, Stephanie Pennel.

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