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Equipment Used to Process Color Cosmetics

SpecialChem / Nick Morante – Dec 22, 2006

I didn't want the title to mislead anyone. When I say equipment to process color cosmetics, I specifically mean the equipment in the grinding process used to reduce colors, pigments and other color additives (except pearlescent effect pigments) down to their primary particle size of 3-5 microns. You don't want to grind pearls because a reduction in their particle size reduces or eliminates their visual effect. Grinding pigments is the most important part of producing color and decorative cosmetics. The equipment available to perform this grinding process varies greatly in both function and cost. They are dependant on the particular type of product or its application. Different equipment is needed if you have a dry powder, a free-flowing liquid, or a viscous paste. These physical forms are all very similar as they are all dispersions of insoluble pigments in a suitable solvent vehicle. This dispersion, once it is ground, is then combined with the proper internal or external phase in the case of emulsions, or blended with other components - mica and other fillers for powder-based products, or waxes and oils in anhydrous lip products and other lipophilic one-phase systems.

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