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Energetic Cosmetic Products

SpecialChem / Jun 28, 2007

The term energy previously reserved to food and beverage is becoming more and more of an investment in the cosmetic area. Every day cream, shower gel, and even foundations are now sold as energetic products or products that can wake-up your skin, give its vitality, power...

"Aging and lethargy appear to be two big worries for the modern consumer "wrote an expert from Datamonitor. All ingredients that can wake up and dynamise the body or the skin is targeted by cosmetic formulators. Often proposed in an orange colour packaging, the colour of energy, the products contain ingredients that are already found in food products: vitamins, essential fruit oils, and now probiotics… The fragrance is from citrus fruits or vitamin fruits such as oranges, mandarins.

In Estee Lauder's lastest skin care range called "Nutritious", one can find a pomegranate extract, known for its high vitamine C content, which is a good source of folic acid and antioxidant polyphenol, and has potent free-radical scavenging ability (hydrolysable tannins punicalagin). The range proposes different products, such as a deep-penetrating skin nutrient Vita Mineral Energy Lotion and a Vita Mineral Radiance Essence, a beauty lotion.

According to Datamonitor, pomegranate has become a "fashionable ingredient for skin care products -especially in the US market- with an increasing number of manufacturers exploiting a range of reported health benefits including skin calming and anti-aging benefits, as well as anti-cancer properties".

As another example, one can find pomegranate in a night skin mask sold by the "Montagne Jeunesse" a company under the name "Ultra Moisture night mask". It is an "innovative overnight disappearing masque that provides an intensive seven day treatment, helping to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and ageing."

NIVEA , in their skin care range DNAge, introduces the creatine molecule, well known by people devoted to sport as a muscular booster. Creatine is a nitrogeneous organic acid that naturally appears in vertebrates and helps to supply energy to muscle cells.

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