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Economic Treaties which Influence the Import and Export of Cosmetics

Nick Morante – Jul 15, 2009

There have been important alliances set up between nations which improve trade relations specifically for the cosmetics and personal care industries. We will look at just a few of these important trade alliances in this article and how they will be of benefit to both the world economy and the cosmetics market. The main focus is to examine the trade alliances that the United States has become a part of and how they will impact and assist in the way we import and export products and ingredients to and from our country and ultimately affect the way in which new cosmetic products are developed and formulated. These alliance and the resulting new products will have a profound affect on the industry and add billions of dollars in revenue to all countries who are part of these alliances. Hopefully the end result of all this work is a decrease in cost of goods to the consumer which will lead to a solid growth of the cosmetics and personal care industry...

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