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Differences in Mascara Brushes

SpecialChem / Nick Morante – Jul 13, 2007

Mascara brushes are actually more important than the formulation of the mascara itself. Almost all of the top companies actually patent their brush shapes. It's one of the very first things they do when they launch a new mascara. But most of the time they do not patent their formulations. This is because it is very easy to copy or modify the mascara formula but somewhat difficult to fight in court. It is the brush technology that is usually the innovation here and that is what makes even the worst mascara formula apply well. The rule of thumb is mascara brushes with bristles with a higher density allow for a thicker application. Brushes with longer bristles are better for sheer, natural looking coats to separate and define lashes. So what do people with different types of eyelashes do when they shop for a mascara? What type of product should they look for and what type of brush will work best? People with light or sparse lashes have the most difficult time shopping around for the right mascara.

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