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Cutting Edge Technologies in Anti-ageing Skincare

SpecialChem / Imogen Matthews – Oct 26, 2011

Latest technologies based on understanding the skin's structure are leading to a number of cutting edge anti-ageing skincare launches. Research by L'Oreal scientists has created a new brand of science called "omics", telling us what is happening to skin at a cellular level. P&G’s genomic research with independent skin experts has developed an understanding of the gene activities affecting ageing, resulting in the launch of Olay Professional, claiming to reduce wrinkle appearance. Active naturals play an important role in anti-ageing skincare formulations. The skin lightening/brightening category is very important in anti-ageing skincare, with brands seeking alternatives to the banned substance hydroquinone. Forest Secrets uses natural actives arbutin and kojic acid in its iBright skin brightening product. The future of anti-ageing may lie in the area of glycomics, which is helping to find medical solutions for infections, cancer and transplantation. In 2012, YSL Youth Liberator will be the first skincare brand to use glycomics.

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