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Current Regulatory Status in the EU and REACH

SpecialChem / Nick Morante – Nov 29, 2006

First it was California's Proposition 65. Then it was California's Safe Cosmetic Act of 2005, or Senate Bill 484 (SB 484 for short) as it is now affectionately known. Now Europe is getting into the act. REACH is now becoming a reality. It looks like every regulatory program needs an acronym and REACH is no exception. REACH stands for Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals and is expected to be in full force in the European Union by 2008. By 2007-2008 there will be 27 member nations in the EU making for a more culturally diverse marketplace for cosmetics and personal care products. It wasn't that long ago that everyone was nervous about the impact REACH would have on the cosmetics industry. There really isn't much to get worked up over. REACH, in the long run, will be a great benefit to everyone in the beauty industry. EU Flag. REACH will require mandatory compliance and it will encompass the entire EU even as it expands. It is meant to totally eliminate the possibility of using any hazardous or harmful chemicals and materials in any product meant for consumer use.

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