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Cosmetics Compounding as a True Science

SpecialChem / Nick Morante – Jan 9, 2007

As more and more complex cosmetics and personal care products come on the market updates in the field of cosmetic manufacturing, also called compounding, are needed on a more frequent basis. As new texts and technical literature related to this industry become more available, the intricacies in the compounding of cosmetics and personal care products are usually not part of very many textbooks. However, if there are texts that deal with the compounding of cosmetics, one will see that compounding will encompass all the scientific disciplines of mathematics, chemistry, biology and physics. A good compounder will understand the basics of these disciplines in order to properly perform their specific job tasks. It is becoming more important for compounders to have the sufficient educational background to practice these disciplines. Many important points for compounding cosmetics can be taken from these pharmaceutical texts as the drug regulations in the manufacturing of OTC cosmetics are so very close to that of true prescription drugs and other pharmaceutical preparations.

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