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Cosmetics Claims and their Impact on Irritation

SpecialChem / Nick Morante – Nov 8, 2006

The first thing we have to get straight is what a cosmetic really is. To most people the term cosmetics refers to products women wear. Today, this is very far from the truth. Men now have become a very big market segment in the beauty industry. Nearly 2 out of every 3 men own a variety of cosmetic grooming products and use them regularly. Most of these men will buy their own products. As defined by the United States Food and Drug Administration, a cosmetic is any product that cleanses, beautifies, or alters the appearance of the human body without it physically affecting the body's structure or functions. With cosmetic products come claims. Claims such as anti-aging, sun protection, anti-wrinkle, skin lightening are all being made for cosmetics and they are being taken very seriously by both men and women. In a recent survey conducted for Proctor and Gamble, today's man values his style without sacrificing his masculinity. This makes product claims all the more important for all market segments. Product function and claims may be a big reason for men frequenting spas on their own.

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