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Cosmetic Regulations in North America - USA & Canada: Update on Legal

SpecialChem / Dr. Annelie Struessmann – Sep 9, 2009

The regulatory frameworks for cosmetics for these two nations of North America differ in various principles. Whereas the USA has only a voluntary post-market reporting system, Canada requires a notification within the first 10 days of sales. Canada’s ‘Hotlist’ prohibits or restricts more then 500 substances for use as cosmetic ingredients while in the US a pre-market approval applies only for color additives and eleven ingredients are either prohibited or restricted. However, in both countries the responsibility for the safety of the products lies with the manufacturers or importers and all parties further handling the products while packing, distributing, or retailing. The article describes the basic requirements for cosmetics products and the authorities responsible for regulating and enforcing the safety of the products. It addresses also the discussion in the US on the actual legislative system and if it effectively assures safety of cosmetics in use of the consumers...

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