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Cosmetic Regulations In Asia - Part 1: Survey of Countries

SpecialChem / Dr. Annelie Struessmann – Jan 17, 2007

In Asia, some of the wealthiest & the poorest countries of our planet can be found. The diverging political & economical situation in the various countries is reflecting to the legal systems and as such to health, incl. cosmetic regulations. Given the scope and diversity of the continent, Asia is divided into 6 territories or subregions: Northern Asia/Russia, Western & Southwest Asia with the Arabian Peninsulia, Central Asia, East, South & Southeastern Asia. Russia consists of a European part and a part of Northern Asian territory, known as Siberia. The country is amending its current cosmetic regulation following the policy to harmonize the legislation1 with that of the European Union. In the regions of Western & Southwest Asia, two countries Turkey2 and Israel3, have implemented national cosmetic legislations. The countries of Central Asia gained their independence in 1991 and have encountered serious political and economic problems after their break-up from the former Soviet Union. To date, no cosmetic regulations were initiated.

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