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The material selection platform
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Challenges in Going from Laboratory to Production

SpecialChem / Nick Morante – Nov 24, 2010

For the longest time a cosmetic formulator’s job was toe create new and innovative products and just watch while it was made in production. Nowadays, that job has become a little bit more technical, responsible and even involving a few more people. Today’s cosmetics and personal care products have become so specialized and sensitive to various conditions that being able to reproduce them continuously has become a critical aspect of the product development process. No longer does the formulator just sit by and take samples back to the lab after a pilot or first production batch is made. The formulator has to sit and discuss, well in advance of these batches, with engineers and physical chemists to ensure that the proper equipment is available at the manufacturing site and that the product can be made especially if there are sensitive ingredients in the product that can dictate the characteristics of the final product. For this new product, the process engineer will be able to determine exactly what equipment will be required and if it is adequate to make the product. The engineer will also know what batch sizes can be made on any of the equipment that is available in production and what equipment cannot reproduce the product.

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