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Can cosmetics ever be good for you?

SpecialChem / Amanda Foxon-Hill – Apr 13, 2011

It is common for cosmetics to claim to nourish, feed and fortify the skin but is that really possible? The skin is a pretty amazing organ and one that contains a number of self-help mechanisms and switches that enable it to remain in a balanced and unstressed state through a range of environments so long as the individual is healthy. The cosmetics industry classify 'healthy' or 'normal' skin as skin that has no apparent signs of either oily or dryness as cosmetic s are by definition only able to affect the appearance of the skin. The cosmetics industry moves quickly and while a highly active cosmaceutical of the 1990's would have contained the mandatory Vitamins A, C and E in their basic oil-soluble form, today's product contain vitamin infused extracts, nano-delivery systems and pre-stabilized blends. This article explores the different health outcomes of the skin-friendly vitamins A, C and E when applied topically and administered orally in a bid to find out if you can really feed your face.

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