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Camouflage-Type Makeup Products

SpecialChem / Nick Morante – Oct 21, 2009

Camouflage makeup products are designed to be worn after cosmetic surgery to contour the skin to hide swelling, to conceal the lines resulting from bruises and incisions, and to color correct the skin because scar tissue is usually a different color than the surrounding healthier tissue. Almost any product can be used as part of a camouflage regimen, especially products that are designed to be “buildable”. Camouflage makeup-type products can also used to cover dermatological problems such as vitiligo. Camouflage makeup is specially formulated to hide all these different contours and discoloration. The ingredients used in camouflage makeup are the same ingredients used in conventional formulas. The products are designed to be much gentler and provide more coverage to adequately hide discoloration. Certain camouflage cosmetics may require different types of cleansers to properly and safely remove them. Since these products are designed for extended wear, have heavier coverage and be water and oil resistant. Water alone may not be sufficient and makeup removers or mild detergents may become necessary. Very mild alkyl sulfates, betaines or sarcosinates can also be used as long as they are on the “least’ irritating side and at low concentrations...

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