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Biotechnology and cosmetics: a green combination

SpecialChem / AMP – Mar 27, 2006

Science in the service of beauty: biotechnologists have been working with the cosmetics industry for a good 40 years. and this collaboration is not about to stop, given new regulations and constant progress, as cbb tells us. For a few years now, the cosmetics industry has been banned from animal testing and from using some animal co-products as sources of additives and active molecules. At the same time, biotechnology has made it possible to develop DNA chips, to produce artificial skin to test active molecules, and also to make infinitely small, nano-sized vectors that improve vector stability and transport. Biotechnology also makes it possible for industry to create original products or improve production processes by modernizing or replacing older techniques. For example, plant cell cultures, fermentation and enzyme reactions are attractive processes for producing new active ingredients and additives (moisturizers, anti-aging agents, de-pigmentation ingredients, exfoliating and anti-film foaming agents, emulsifiers, encapsulating agents, etc).

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