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Beauty trends in China

SpecialChem / Imogen Matthews – Apr 21, 2010

China, one of the BRICs markets, posted 10% growth in cosmetic sales in 2009, according to the China Association of Fragrance, Flavour and Cosmetic Industries{CAFFCI}. Fragrance house Givaudan has published a document called Fragrance Insights for Developing markets, which describes the growing demand for fine fragrance amongst Chinese consumers, despite there being little fragrance culture. Most Chinese prefer lighter, unobtrusive fragrances and there is a crossover in usage between men’s and women’s brands by both sexes. Elizabeth Ardens Green Tea is regarded as a unisex fragrance. Whitening products are extremely popular amongst Chinese consumers who strive towards having fair and flawless skin. Whitening formulations can be found amongst both prestige and mass skincare brands. Watsons is the largest health and beauty retailer in China, which is undergoing phenomenal growth in terms of new store openings. The demographic profile of the Watson consumer is young, single women who have a strong interest in skincare...

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