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BB and CC Creams: What Are They All About?

Nick Morante – Mar 9, 2016

BB in short stands for beauty balm/ blemish balm. BB Creams were developed to achieve an all-in-one formulation that provides overall protection to the skin. CC on the other hand stands for Color control/ color correcting. CC creams reduce redness and claim to improve uneven skin tone.

BB cream on face Of late BB creams have gained a lot of importance. One significant reason could be their ability to be used as a replacement to moisturizers, serums and other products. Thus, saving time and money!

Let’s see:

  • how the BB & CC cream concept evolved
  • the key formulation principle behind the promise for a younger and healthy looking skin
  • The ingredients used in BB & CC creams & their benefits

This blog will solely focus on the working of these BB and CC creams and how these cover the dark spots and discoloration that accompanies dry skin. It will also cover the benefits offered by the ingredients used in these creams to the skin.

2 Comments on "BB and CC Creams: What Are They All About?"
anil v May 5, 2016
very interesting article...love to read more articles like this..
Clive W Mar 18, 2016
This was a very interesting article, thank you. So, can I make a BB cream simply by taking one of our best moisturising face creams and adding the appropriate pigments?

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