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Basic Skin Biology Part 1 – Ingredients Naturally Occurring in the Skin

SpecialChem / Nick Morante – Dec 9, 2009

The skin essentially is an organ of the body and is made up mostly of water. It is multi-layered and in these layers, various biochemical processes take place. These biological processes involve materials that aid in cell regeneration, healing, and overall skin youth. As we get older or are exposed to environmental conditions, these processes change. Certain chemicals are responsible for these processes. These chemical are responsible for maintaining the balance of materials in the skin’s lipid barrier which controls moisturization and ultimately the normal aging process of the skin. Some of the materials responsible for these biological processes are ceramides which are responsible for cell turnover and communication between cells. Others are hyaluronic acid, which has very strong water binding properties. There are also glycolipids, polysaccharides, essential fatty acids, amino acids and proteins. These are all present in the skin and responsible for keeping the skin, young, smooth and elastic.

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