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Asianification: Impact of Asian Needs on Cosmetic Ingredients

Belinda Carli – Oct 20, 2016

Impact of AsianificationThere is no doubt that a lot of fast moving innovations come from the Asian region. An industry where this is particularly evident, and then impacts the rest of the world is, 'Cosmetic Products in personal care'.

So, what is it about Asian culture that encourages so much innovations, and what impact does this have on cosmetic ingredients?

Could use of too many products be a potential ground for evolving innovation?

Read more to explore what makes Asian market so innovative that it affects the big trends.

1 Comments on "Asianification: Impact of Asian Needs on Cosmetic Ingredients"
George C Apr 18, 2017
Excellent Stuff! Quite accurately reflect the Asian market trends from an Asian formulator's eyes. :) Hope to see more content on the Asian Cleansers as well.

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