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The material selection platform
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Anti-Aging Peptides

SpecialChem / Inside Cosmeceuticals – Apr 16, 2009

There is an increasing demand for effective anti-aging ingredients with high activity at low dosages in sophisticated cosmeceutical products. Peptides have been studied for more than 50 years, and are one of the most popular functional ingredients in skin care products. Peptides are short-chain proteins that naturally occur in the skin and act mainly as messengers (signalling peptides) or hormones. Furthermore, they have been shown to play a key role in natural skin healing processes. Products containing peptides are claimed to have smoothing and nourishing effects on the skin. Both the peptides and their degradation products are key players in fields of cosmetics and dermatology. The amino acid sequence and chain structure determine the specific biological activity and function. Constantly developing technologies enable the purification and development of toxicologically safe peptides with high specific mechanisms and local effects. Short proteins, derived from hydrolysed collagen, appear to act as "messengers" that stimulate skin cells to perform particular functions...

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