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Anatomy of a Powder Cheek Color

SpecialChem / Nick Morante – Mar 1, 2007

I composed this article to show that there are differences in the characteristics between eyeshadows and blushers and the ingredients used in their formulation. Powder cheek colors, or Blushers as they are also known, are very similar to powder eyeshadows and are another simple product to formulate. These powder systems are also based on talc (or mica or sericite if a talc-free formula is needed), fillers, preservatives, a binder for pressing, and colors, but usually much lower levels of pearls. Some of the ingredients used in the formula can also be surface treated and coated with various materials such as methicone, dimethicone copolyol, wax, or any other ingredient which will aid in the product's adhesion on the skin, water resistance and overall performance and feel and application characteristics of the product. The main difference between eyeshadows and blushers are the colorants used in them, which we will discuss shortly. Blushers are also not as fluffy as eyeshadows because they are worn on the face and cheek and not meant for they eye area. That is why they can use a wider range of colorants, but they have a narrower range of shades.

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