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All-In-One Beauty - The BB Cream explosion in Japan

SpecialChem / Yoshiko Kasuga – Jul 14, 2010

BB creams are booming in Japan. Every drugstore and variety store seems to have BB cream corner and it seems all the Japanese females are using at least one. BB creams provide multiple functions such as moisturizer, foundation, under-makeup, concealer and sunscreen. They treat various skin troubles like blemishes, roughness, discolorations, brown spots, open-pores and such while concealing those imperfections. The BB cream phenomenon originated in South Korea and spilled over to Japan thanks to recommendation by a popular transvestite makeup artist, IKKO. To respond to the strong demand in the market, Japanese cosmetic manufacturers have introduced made-in-Japan BB creams formulated specifically to cater the needs of Japanese skin. They also claim to have applied more "advanced" effects.As the busy lifestyle of Japanese women is emulated by women living in other Asian countries, they are certain to appreciate the time-saving/all-in-one feature if BB creams and expand the booming market even faster...

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