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The material selection platform
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Advances in Pearl Technology

SpecialChem / Nick Morante – Dec 2, 2009

There isn’t very much happening in the way of pearls and effect pigments. However, an area that has seen some movement is with synthetic pearls. Synthetic mica, or fluorophlogopite, as seen so real activity for a number of pearl manufacturers lately. There are a number of companies that have launched a full line of colored effect pigments based on synthetic fluorophlogopite. Although very similar to mica, the reflection and interference properties of this material produce strikingly bright and sparkly colors, much more so than conventional mica. Another area is where effect pigments have seen some good movements is with borosilicates. These are also synthetic minerals but they are based on silica, and are essentially a form of glass bead. They are very transparent, smooth and have a very controlled thickness. These qualities make for very bright and vivid colors and unique effects. The properties of silica make it possible for new effects to be presented to the cosmetics industry including color travel which is probably the newest effect being offered to the color formulator...

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