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Ads for Great Products

SpecialChem / Nick Morante – Nov 8, 2007

Advertising is probably the most important part of a cosmetic product's life story after research & development. The ads that marketers come up with are designed to instantly attract a reader, entice them with grandiose statements of how wonderful a product is, and then convince them to purchase the product. Based on sales figures in the cosmetics and personal care industry, these ads do work. And some work extremely well. These advertising campaigns are aimed at both men and women wishing to improve their appearance, commonly to increase physical attractiveness, self confidence, and most of all to reduce the visible signs of aging." Cosmetic marketers spend millions of dollars annually to reach this target audience. Although the products depicted in these ads are wonderful and loved by the consumer, many of their advertising campaigns have come under serious scrutiny through their proposed use of what they feel is scientific information and their promotion of unrealistic goals of fantastic product performance.

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