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Active Ingredients for Skin Lightening and Hyperpigmentation Market – Part 3

SpecialChem / Vispi Kanga – Dec 10, 2008

In the previous two articles we talked about hydroquinone, Arbutins, monobenzone and melasma.One of the three basic types of skin lightening ingredients based on natural ingredients are exfoliating ingredients can also help with hyperpigmentation by speeding up skin's natural cell turnover. L(+) lactic acid belongs to the group of alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA). They are known to stimulate the desquamation process which increases skin cell renewal rate. This not only results in smoother skin, disappearance of fine wrinkles but also has melanogenic suppression or skin whitening activity as a result of the suppression of the formation of tyrosinase. The product needs to be formulated at lower pH level to speed the cell renewal. Since much of the melanin in the epidermis resides in these epithelial cells it helps to reduce skin-pigmentation. The use of lactic acid and lactates in a skin lightening product has therefore multiple benefits such as moisturization, increase of skin ceramide level and potentially has skin lightening activity.

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